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If your soda is flat:

flat soda
  1. Make sure you have 6 inches of ice on your cold plate. Without ice there will be no bubbles. Do not use bag ice. 
      co2 gas line
  2. Check your CO2 Tanks and CO2 Cylinders. The CO2 Regulator (left gauge) on a full tank should read between 700 – 900, with an outgoing pressure (middle / right gauge) between 100- 110.
  3. If you have an empty CO2 Tank, unscrew the CO2 Regulator and attach it to a full CO2 Tank. To prevent leaks, be sure to replace the cardboard washer inside the CO2 Regulator and screw the CO2 Regulator on as tight as possible.
  4. After switching over to the full CO2 Tank, you will need to run at least 5 full pitchers of soda water. This will purge the system and give you fresh bubbly soda.

If you are getting only water or club soda:

  1. WHEN YOU EXPERIENCE THIS WITH ALL YOUR FLAVORS – YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR CO2. Without CO2 your Syrups will not come up, leaving you with only water or club soda. When this happens, you need to put on a full CO2 Tank, and remember to run 5 full pitchers of club soda.
  2. WHEN YOU EXPERIENCE THIS WITH ONLY ONE FLAVOR – Check to make sure you do not have an empty box hooked up or a kink in the tubing. If you have full product hooked up, try disconnecting and reconnecting your box.

If you aren’t getting anything but spitting air:

  1. WHEN YOU EXPERIENCE THIS WITH ALL YOUR FLAVORS - This is an electrical problem. You will need to go to your Carbonator and make sure it is plugged in.

- If the Carbonator is plugged in, take an appliance such as a blender or drop light and plug it into the same outlet as the Carbonator. If those devices do not work, then check your circuit breakers.

- If the Carbonator is plugged into a working outlet and you are still only getting air, Please Call Broward Nelson 800.262.8265 for service.

If air is continuously blowing out of the pump:

  1. You must disconnect the CO2 Gas Line or you will run out of CO2. There is a small clip at the bottom of the pump where the CO2 Gas Line pops out.
  2. Please Call Broward Nelson 800.262.8265 for service or troubleshooting help.

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